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Pack 545
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Lion Uniform
Lion Shirt

Lion Scout Shirt *

Lion Necherchief

Lion Neckerchief *

Cub Scout Socks

Cub Scout Socks

Cub Scout Uniform Skort Girls With Pockets

Cub Scout Girls Skort With Pockets



Kindergartners work toward the Lion rank.

Colors feature navy blue and gold.

Items with asterisk are required, other items are optional.

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Lion Handbook

Lion Handbook *

Lion Slide

Lion Slide *

Cub Scout Uniform Rollup Pants

Cub Scout Roll up Pants

Cub Scout Uniform Shorts

Cub Scout Shorts

Cub Scout Uniform Belt

Cub Scout Belt *

Lion Cap

Lion Cap

Cub Scout Uniform Pants

Cub Scout Pants

Cub Scout Uniform Skort No Pockets

Cub Scout Girls Skort With No Pockets

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