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The Cub Scout program has a plan of advancement for each scout that emphasizes learning by doing.  The scout works on requirements based on his or her school grade or age.  The advancement programs keep the scouts motivated to continue in scouting.


A parent or designated guardian must be present at a pack meeting in order for their scout to receive their rank advancement award.  The Cub Scout should be wearing their complete uniform at a pack meeting when receiving an award.


Any event awarding patches, pins, etc. requires the attendance and participation of the Scout to receive them.  There are no exceptions to this rule.


Typically, pack funds will be used to pay for all awards and recognition earned by Cub Scouts within the pack.


Cub Scout Ranks

Cub Scouts ‘advance’ between ranks each associated with a particular grade.  Scouts may join Cub Scouts at any grade at the corresponding rank level.  Any new Cub Scout must achieve the Bobcat rank before obtaining the next natural rank.  We speak of a Scout in a certain grade as being ‘in’ that rank, for instance referring to 2nd graders as ‘Wolves’, but in reality Scouts in that grade are still ‘earning’ that rank level.  


On the ‘advancement trail’, a Cub Scout moves from rank to rank, learning new skills along the way.  Each rank in Cub Scouting has its own requirement.  With advancement through the ranks, the requirements get more challenging, to match new skills and abilities as the Scout gets older.  

Cub Scout Adventures

Cub Scouts earn adventures that are specific to their grade and rank.  A number of adventures must be completed to earn the badge of rank for each grade level. Adventures may be earned in any order.


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2024-2025 Cub Scout Badges of Rank Requirements


Awards earned by the pack result from a deliberate effort to achieve national goals, and are a source of pride for the pack.
Commissioner’s Recognition Program Award – A council award earned by the pack based on how the pack plans activities and organizes itself.
National Quality Unit Award – Awarded to a
pack upon re-chartering based on the pack achieving growth and program goals in various operational areas.
National Summertime Pack Awards - Each summer Pack 545 conducts numerous events for its Cub Scouts to participate in.  By conducting these events, Pack 545 earns the National Summertime Pack Award.  A ribbon is presented to the pack and added to the pack flag.  Cub Scouts who participate in these activities are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award Pin which can be worn on their uniform.  In order to earn the pin, the Scout must attend one pack activity in each month of June, July and August.

Scouts BSA Transition

Graduating Webelos, in a joint decision with their family, decide whether to continue in Scouting by progressing into Scouts BSA.  Part of the Webelos curriculum is to ‘interview’ a number of the local Boy Scout troops in the area – Scouts are free to select any troop that they find meets their interest, and it is common for a number of the advancing Scouts to choose the same troop together.

Cub Scout Pack 545 strongly encourages continuation into Boy Scouts, and will provide support and counseling for Scouts and their families regarding that decision.  In the end, though, it is a family decision, and we trust that the influence of Cub Scouting has left a permanent, positive mark on each Cub Scouting graduate, whether or not they pursue Scouts BSA.

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