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Cub Scout Pack 545's yearly schedule is filled with numerous pack activities, all of which are planned and executed by dedicated volunteers from within the group. While a portion of these events represents longstanding pack customs, others have been introduced more recently thanks to the innovative ideas and passion of our Scout parents. It's important to note that additional activities or adjustments to the current ones may be considered in the future, aligning with the pack's interests and preferences.


Pinewood Derby 

An Esteemed Scouting Tradition! Cub Scout Pack 545 upholds the cherished tradition of equipping each Scout with a car kit, which they assemble and customize independently or alongside an adult. To assist the Scouts, the pack may offer a workshop session prior to the race. Moreover, siblings and parents have the opportunity to participate in a separate racing category. Pinewood Derby cars undergo a meticulous weighing and are placed in impoundment a day or two before the race. During the event, these cars are rigorously timed through digital measurements in four heats. Prizes are awarded to the swiftest competitors within each den, the overall fastest in the pack, and also for various 'creativity' classifications. Additionally, in the later part of spring, the Valley District Pinewood Derby takes place, extending the excitement of the competition.

Blue & Gold Banquet 

The Blue & Gold Banquet, held every February and hosted by the pack, serves as a festive "birthday party" to commemorate the establishment of the Boy Scouts as well as the momentous 'Cross Over' of 2nd year Webelos Scouts as they transition into the next stage of their Scouting journey. This joyous occasion welcomes not only Scouts and their immediate families but also includes esteemed guests from the district. The event features a sumptuous dinner, entertaining activities, and well-deserved acknowledgment of the dedicated pack volunteers who contribute to the program's success.

Pack Picnic

As summer draws to a close, Cub Scout Pack 545 gathers to host a delightful picnic, signifying the conclusion of the season and the commencement of a new Cub Scout year. This event not only serves as a seasonal marker but also as a warm welcome to new boys joining the pack. The picnic features a scrumptious spread of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, along with engaging games to entertain everyone in attendance. The highlight of the day is a grand tug-of-war match, bringing a sense of camaraderie and competition to the gathering. All are encouraged to participate, including siblings and extended family members, making it a joyous and inclusive occasion.

Summer Campout

Every summer, Cub Scout Pack 545 embarks on a weekend adventure into the wilderness. During this excursion, we camp in tents, savor camp-style cuisine, and engage in various camping activities such as hiking, canoeing, and fishing. It's important to note that this event is exclusive to Scouts; siblings are not permitted to join, allowing the Scouts to immerse themselves fully in the camping experience.

Sleepover Event

Once a year, our pack enjoys an exciting sleepover adventure at a renowned Denver attraction. In previous years, we've explored places like the Denver Zoo and the Downtown Aquarium. These outings offer Cub Scout suitable activities, providing boys with the chance to earn belt loops and pins. It's important to note that space is limited, and priority is given to Scouts and one family member, ensuring an unforgettable and educational experience for all.

Council-Sponsored Sporting / Other Events

The Denver Area Council actively secures exclusive rates for Scout Nights at various local sporting and entertainment events, including the Nuggets, Avalanche, Rockies, Rapids, and more. To take advantage of these special offers, reservations are usually coordinated through the district office, and packs have the option to make collective reservations, adding to the camaraderie and excitement of attending these events as a Scouting community.



Camping plays a significant role in the Scouting journey, and Scouts are encouraged to embrace numerous camping opportunities throughout the year.

One such opportunity is the Council Fall Family Camp, which usually takes place in September. This optional event offers a weekend of family tent camping, featuring a wide array of organized crafts and activities, providing a memorable experience for all.

Another exciting event to look forward to is Adventure Day Camp. During this day camp, Scouts and their families can participate in a diverse range of activities, including obstacle courses, fishing, fly tying, archery, BB shooting, tomahawk throwing, crafts, hunter education, trapping, games, and more. Keep an eye out for information regarding this event, typically released in March or April, to plan your adventure.

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