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Committee Organization

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Pack 545's committee consists of the following positions:


Chartered Organization Representative

  • Provides a formal link with the Charter Organization


Committee Chair

  • Runs committee meetings

  • Plans the program year with Cubmaster and pack committee

  • Oversees annual re-chartering

  • Ensures pack business and pack activities are completed in a timely manner

  • Confers with Cubmaster on policy issues and maintains records

  • Recruits volunteers for leadership positions



  • Works directly with den leaders, the pack committee chair and members to make sure that all dens are functioning well

  • Plan the pack programs with the help of other leaders

  • Lead the monthly pack meeting with the help of others

  • Coordinate the total Cub Scout program in the pack

  • Plans and conducts advancement ceremonies

  • Recruits parent assistance in the pack


Assistant Cubmaster

  • Assists Cubmaster in planning and running pack meetings, functions, etc.

  • Fills in for Cubmaster as required


Den Leaders

  • Conducts den meetings and other den activities with the assistance of parents

  • Communicates planned den and pack activities to parents


Pack Committee Members

  • Activity Chair - Coordinates the work of the event chairpersons for all pack activities

  • Awards Chair - Maintains all advancement records; acquires and prepares awards for presentation

  • Secretary - Records minutes at the committee meetings and ensures all leaders are given a copy of those minutes; maintains a pack record to include membership, minutes and other correspondence

  • Treasurer & Co Treasurer - Maintains checking account, deposits money, writes checks and reports balances monthly to the pack committee


Cub Scout Pack 545 fits into the organizational hierarchy of the national Scouting organization.  From smallest to largest, levels of organization within Scouting include:

  • Den: An individual grade level in Cub Scouts within a pack.  6-10 Scouts.

  • Pack: Group of dens.  20-100 Scouts.

  • District: 50 - 150 packs and boy scout troops in a portion of a city or local area.  Typically has a staff of paid ‘Professional Scouts’, led by a ‘District Director’, and relies heavily on veteran Scout leaders as volunteers - a ‘District Commissioner’ and ‘Unit Commissioners’.  Districts provide formal Scout leadership training.

  • Council: A region comprised of 6 - 8 districts.  A portion of our yearly dues go to the council.  A council should be large enough to maintain regional Scout camping facilities.

  • National: Scouts BSA.  Sets standards, expectations, and policies; provides insurance coverage, and conducts and maintains national-level events and facilities (Jamboree, Philmont, and Sea Base).

Pack 545 is part of the Valley District which is part of the Greater Colorado Council which is part of the Cub Scouts which is part of the Scouts BSA.


In addition to this organizational hierarchy, there are two other important organizations:


  • Chartered Organization: The charter organization is the sponsoring organization for this pack.  It is their obligation to provide us support as needed.  It is our responsibility to consider how our actions as a pack reflect upon the charter organization.

  • Pack Committee: The pack committee is the governing body of the pack.  It consists of trained volunteer adults who are registered with the Boy Scouts of America by the pack.  A list of the officers of the pack committee and their duties appears on the official pack roster.  Pack leaders are required to complete the proper training for their respective rank held and should be present at all den and pack activities.  The pack committee chairperson has final authority in administrative matters for the pack.

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