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Pack Meetings

The term "Pack" collectively describes all the individual dens within the Cub Scout group. Pack meetings serve as occasions for recognizing Scouts' achievements, engaging in games, singing songs, and presenting skits, all while having a great time. Dens might be responsible for leading opening and closing ceremonies, performing skits, or giving demonstrations during these meetings.  It's important to note that, although fun and enriching, pack meetings typically do not contribute directly to a Scout's advancement.

Scouts at a presentation about snakes.
  • Who: All dens (and their families)

  • What:  A time to gather as a group to celebrate achievements, participate in an activity, or see a guest presentation.  It’s also a time to take care of Pack business (activity sign ups, payments, materials pickup, etc.)

  • When: Typically the 1st Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm to 7:30-8:00 pm*

  • Where: Meridian Elementary gym/cafeteria

Pack meetings are not scheduled during the months of June, July, and August, although the pack does plan several

activities through the summer months. 

Den Meetings

What is a Den?  A Den is a smaller group of Scouts (usually not more than 12) who are all the same age or Rank.  Each age group works towards a different Rank badge.  There may be more than 1 Den per grade level.

Scouts at a Den Meeting

Den Leaders  

Dens are led by 1 trained adult leader and usually an additional adult assistant.  Both leaders are usually parents of Scouts in the Den.  Two (Youth Protection Trained) adults, age 21+, must be present at every den meeting and function in compliance with BSA policy. 



Den meetings are normally held two times a month (once a month for Lions).  Location and times will vary depending on Dens.  Most meetings are held during the week from 6:30 to 7:30pm.  


Your Scout will be completing adventures towards their rank badge during these meetings, so attendance is the best way to keep on track!  Also, Den meetings are where your scout will build relationships as a team.  If you miss a Den meeting, the portion(s) of the adventure you missed can be completed separately by your family. There will also be some adventures which are planned to be completed outside of den meetings by your family, but for the most part Den Meeting attendance will cover the required adventures and one or two elective adventures.

Scout Handbook

In the handbook you will see the required adventures to earn your Scout's rank badge by the end of the school year (at the May Pack Meeting). There are also elective adventures, and the handbook will tell you how many of these elective adventures need to be completed by the end of the school year. 

If your Scout is new to Cub Scouts, they will start their adventures by earning their Bobcat badge. Your Den will guide you through this, and it's included in the front of each Scout's Handbook.

Pack Activities

Our Pack Activity Coordinator/Committee Chair sends out an email newsletter every Friday to inform everyone about the Pack activities.  If you have not received this newsletter you can sign up HERE.

Scouts at a Santa Breakfast Event

There are a lot of great activities!  Some are organized by the Pack (listed in Red), and some are organized by others (listed in Blue).  They are all optional, and you can participate in as many or as few as you choose.  Some are  FREE, and some have a listed fee.  Some activities can count toward rank achievements.  Please be sure to sign up for the activities you plan to participate in, so that we know who will be coming.

Please note this area is for Pack Members and password is required.  Please reach out to a member of leadership for this information.

Activity Cost

If there is a cost associated with an activity, it will be posted on the newsletter and sign up spreadsheet.  For Pack organized events (in RED), once you sign up our Treasurer will let you know what amount is owed and give instructions for payment.  If your Scout has a Cub Account balance, it can be used to pay for activities as well!

For events organized by others (in BLUE), you are responsible for any sign up and/or payment for these events.  You may see someone from our pack there, and can coordinate with friends!

If for some reason you are unable to make it to an event which you paid for, we will try our best to figure out a solution - but ultimately you will be responsible for that payment if another arrangement cannot be made.

Each Scout must have at least one parent or guardian present with them at each den and/or pack activity, unless prior approval is obtained from the den leader or a member of the pack committee.  If a Scout must leave a meeting or activity, they must leave with an adult.

It is the responsibility of each parent to control his/her child(ren) at all Cub Scout meetings and/or activities.


After a den or a pack meeting, the meeting area should be neat and clean regardless of the condition before the meeting.  BSA policy dictates leaving an area cleaner than when it was found.  Everyone in attendance should help with the necessary clean up.

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