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Volunteering Opportunities

Pack 545 is an entirely volunteer-based organization.  Everything that happens, happens because one of the pack's family members did it.


Pack 545 requires every family to volunteer in some way to assist in the pack.  This volunteer obligation, can involve as little as a couple of hours for the entire year, or as much as several hours each month.  We understand you have a busy schedule and will work with you to determine what role is best for you.  


Requests for volunteers are made throughout the year.  However, a majority of volunteering requests occur at the beginning of the scouting year (August/September).  


Volunteer requests are made in the following order:


1) A sign-up sheet is posted at our annual picnic\ice cream social in August.  Preference is given to existing volunteers.  So if the popcorn kernel for 2023 wants to be popcorn kernel again in 2024, they will be given preference.


2) The sign-up sheet is posted at our annual join night.  This gives new families the opportunity to sign up.


3) The sign-up sheet is posted at our 1st pack meeting in September.  This gives the remaining families who haven't volunteered yet an opportunity to volunteer.

If a family does not volunteer during one of these three opportunities, they may be "voluntold" by the Volunteer Coordinator what they are going to do.  You are highly encouraged to volunteer while you have a choice in the matter.


Volunteer Positions  


Here is a list of typical positions along with an estimate of hours required. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for a current list, or attend the picnic, join night, or first pack meeting to see what positions are available.

  • Committee Member (e.g. Treasurer, Secretary) (5-10 hours per month) 

  • Den Leader (5-10 hours per month)

  • Assistant Den Leader (2-5 hours per month) 

  • Popcorn Kernel (40 hours in September through Dec)

  • Event Organizer (Blue & Gold, Pinewood Derby) (10-20 hours one time)

  • Event Assistant (2-5 hours one time)

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