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Wearing the Uniform

Parents should emphasize to their Scouts the importance of wearing the correct and complete uniform on all suitable occasions.

In general, every Cub Scout should wear their uniform to all Cub Scouting activities, including den and pack meetings, unit outings, and any activities done with members of the den or pack.


Pack leaders will provide advance notice of any occasion when the Scouts should wear anything other than the complete uniform.


Here are some tips for wearing the uniform:

  • DO keep the uniform clean and in good repair. The official uniform is a sturdy, machine-washable garment that will last for years with proper care.

  • DO be sure to wear the complete uniform. A Cub Scout wearing a uniform with parts missing is not in uniform.

  • DO NOT wear non-BSA badges, awards, or insignia on the Cub Scout uniform or make any alterations to the uniform or insignia.

  • DO NOT mix uniform parts with non-uniform clothing, such as wearing a uniform cap with other clothing.

Pack 545 Insignia


When a child first joins Cub Scouting, their uniform will display only those badges that identify their status.


As your Scout progresses, they will earn badges, pins, medals, and other insignia that tell of their accomplishments in Scouting. These items should be added to the uniform only after they have been earned and must be placed in the BSA approved location.


Some items are not worn on the uniform.  Instead, they can be worn on a red vest purchased from the scout store.  


If you have any questions regarding where an item should be placed on the uniform, ask the Cubmaster.

World Crest Patch
Colorado Council Patch
Number 5 Patch
Number 5 Patch
Number 5 Patch
Den 1 Patch

World Crest Emblem

The World Crest emblem is worn by all youth and adult leaders. The 1-1/2" diameter badge is white on a violet background. It contains a basic fleur motif encircled by a rope tied with a reef or square knot symbolizing the unity and brotherhood of the World Organization of Scouting Movement (WOSM) throughout the world. The emblem should be, worn centered horizontally above the left pocket, and placed vertically between the left shoulder seam and the top of the pocket.


Greater Colorado Council Patch 

Worn by all Cub Scouts directly below the shoulder seam on the left sleeve. This emblem is unique to our BSA council.


Pack Numbers 

A white numeral embroidered on red background. Worn by all Scouts and pack leaders directly below the council patch on the left sleeve.


Den Number 

A gold numeral embroidered on navy blue background. Worn by all Scouts centered and touching the bottom of the U.S. flag on the right sleeve.

When playing sports, going to camp, or participating in other physical activities, Cub Scouts wear a Class B T-shirt.

* One Class B T-shirt will be provided by the Pack upon a Scouts initial registration.

Additional or replacement shirts can be purchased directly from the Pack for $15.00 each.

Pack 545 Red Shirt
Cub Scout Vest Image

Cub Scout Patch Vest
Show off your patch collection!

The Patch Vest is optional.

Where Do I Put the Patches?


Find out how and where to attach the patches on the 

Insignia Placement Page.


Putting on the Patches

Some helpful hints:

Did you know that PACK 545 has a sewing fundraiser going on?

Each patch sewn on is $1 and all proceeds go back to Pack 545. 

Drop off and pick of items is easy and convenient (any time!) and contactless!

Email Pack 545 Committee Chair for more details. 


The Scout Store will sew on badges for a fee.

Local Scout Shops


Denver Scout Shop

10455 West 6th Avenue

Suite 125

Lakewood, CO 80215

Phone (720) 266-2115

Denver Scout Shop Website

Loveland Scout Shop

5604 McWhinney Blvd

Loveland, CO 80538

Phone: (970) 617-2230

Loveland Scout Shop Website

Uniform Guide by Den

Click on the patch below to find the uniform guide for your Den.

Lion Rank Patch
Tiger Rank Patch
Wolf Rank Patch
Bear Rank Patch
Webelos Rank Patch
Arrow of Light Rank Patch
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