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Webelos & AOL


See Below for detail uniform pieces!

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Webelos Shirt Image

Khaki shirts are worn by the Webelos Scouts.

Blue Should Loop for Webelos Uniform
Webelos Handbook Image
Webelos Belt Image

Blue Shoulder Loops are worn by the Webelos Scouts.

Webelos Handbook is a must have for all Webelos.

Scouts BSA Uniform Belt is optional for the Webelos uniform. 

Webelos Neckerchief Image

Webelos Neckerchief 

Webelos Neckerchief Slide
Webelos  Colors Image
Webelos Hat Image

Webelos Neckerchief Slide

Webelos Hat is optional. 

Webelos Colors

Boy Scout Socks Image

Scouts BSA Uniform Socks are optional.

Scouts BSA Pants Image
Scouts BSA Shorts Image
Scouts BSA Rollup Pants Image

Scout uniform Pants, Shorts, Skorts, or Girls' Uniform Roll-Up Pants are optional.  

Scouts may choose to wear denim or green pants, shorts or skorts.

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